About Us

Aylesbury High School offers every girl a forward-looking education of the highest academic quality.  By embracing innovation, creativity and a global perspective, we are committed to providing a stimulating, enriching and empowering education for all our students.  Aylesbury High School aims to:

·        Provide a balanced, broad and engaging curriculum

·        Enhance learning through a happy, friendly and secure environment

·        Achieve excellence in a wide range of activities

·        Cultivate self-confidence, independent thinking, tolerance and a sense of responsibility in our students

·        Prepare girls for life in a fast-changing world so that they play an active and positive part in the local, national and international communities.

We have an active Alumni community and we are all proud of our school’s legacy. We celebrate the success of our Alumni and share their achievements with our current students, parents and wider community. In this way, their inspiration and success help our students decide their ambitions and aspirations.